Corporate Office Supplies is an authorized dealer of AbilityOne office supplies. The AbilityOne program—formerly known as the Javits Wagner-O’Day (JWOD) program, is the single largest employer of people who are blind or have other severe disabilities in the United States. By purchasing AbilityOne supplies, also known as “NIB/NISH”, you are supporting a cost-effective program that helps people who are blind or severely disabled meet their employment goals.

AbilityOne provides essential office supplies and meets the recycled-content requirements as stated in Executive Order 13101: “Greening the Government Through Waste Prevention, Recycling and Federal Acquisition”.

As an authorized dealer, Corporate Office Solutions makes sure these quality items will be in stock, listed at reasonable prices and delivered quickly to our customers.

Please note that we will substitute AbilityOne items for commercial items that are determined to be the same.

Thank you for your support. Your purchases make a difference in the lives of people who are blind or have other severe disabilities.