How To Apply A Strategic Approach To Managing Printing and Imaging

2010-03-22_213857 There’s more to running an efficient and cost-effective printing and imaging environment than just buying new devices. A well planned, strategic approach to managing printing and imaging can reduce costs and increase productivity through the entire
lifecycle of the devices in your state or local government agency. HP Total Print Management (TPM) can help by bringing together balanced deployment, optimized utilization and industry-leading networked technology to optimize operations.
Think about it: Evaluate your current needs, resources and costs.

Act on it: Plan strategic improvements and put them into place.

Work with it: Manage your optimized environment on an ongoing basis.

Get help with it: Learn more about how Hewlett-Packard can help.

Think about it
You can’t begin to reduce costs or increase productivity until you know how much time and money your
organization is currently devoting to meeting printing and imaging needs. That’s why the first step in a strategic
approach to management is a thorough assessment of your needs, existing resources and present costs. The questionnaire on the next page, while by no means exhaustive, can serve as a starting point for helping you establish a solid foundation for planning.