Many organizations pursue the goal of becoming a paperless office to increase efficiency, lower costs, and reduce environmental impact. Most companies never completely reach this truly difficult goal.

Whether you want to become a 100% paperless office, or just use more digital documents and consume less paper, United Office Solutions can help.

Our Technology Partner’s multifunction systems can help your organization integrate your paper and digital documents through the following key areas:

Scanning Documents

It is essential that businesses have the capability to convert paper-based information to an electronic format. With a multifunction system, creating an electronic document from a paper-based document has never been easier.

Scan to Email

Scan to email is the most common form of scanning today and can provide the greatest efficiency improvement in any organization. Your customers are progressively expecting to receive documentation via email. We’ll help you effectively meet this critical business requirement.

Scan to File

Corporate Office Solutions’ multifunction systems allow for the scanning of paper-based documents to virtually any network folder.

Scan to OCR

With OCR (optical character recognition), there is no need to go through the hassle of retyping the document. Scan to OCR allows for users to convert their scanned documents into word editing applications where they can edit the documents as they would any other text or spreadsheet document. This capability allows users to focus time on business productivity instead of recreating a document needlessly.

Scan to Electronic Document Management

Scan to electronic document management systems (EDMS) is becoming a common requirement for businesses. Businesses are implementing more and more sophisticated electronic document management systems in order to streamline their workflow processes and make documents available to more users with greater security.

To get the most out of your scanning, contact us today.