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In 1947 the corporation began making card files from pieces of scrap metal generated from its contract business. More than fifty years later, The HON Company practices one of the industry's strongest and most comprehensive programs to conserve raw materials and reduce waste.

Today, environmental management is firmly embedded in all HON Company manufacturing processes. We define waste as anything that does not bring value to the customer, and life cycle considerations are a significant part of all product development efforts.

We believe in the integration of safety into environmental philosophy and policies. To us, safety and environment go hand in hand — our overriding goal is to increase safety at the same time we reduce our impact on the environment. Individual responsibility is a fundamental here, based on the knowledge that we each can impact the environment and workplace safety every day. We strive always to move beyond what we are required to do — to focus on what we are capable of doing.

At The HON Company, lean is green. The cellular manufacturing techniques we use across the company bring human scale to process requirements. To work in cells, processes have to be human-friendly. This serves to eliminate harmful solvents and reduce waste, enabling improvement of environmental performance and business performance at the same time — less waste equals less cost.
Green is not trendy; it's a part of our culture. It has always been a part of The HON Company's way of doing business.