No matter whether you work in a large university, a community college, or a school district, the education process depends on efficient document production. Decreasing tax revenues also have many schools looking for ways to cut costs. We can help.

Multi-campus Printer Support
Providing supplies and service to printers across campuses takes a lot of time and distracts valuable IT resources. We can help. Our managed print services program proactively monitors your devices. When supplies or service are needed, we take care of business. This keeps your printers up and running, available for your teachers.

Computer Lab Configuration and Support
One of the most frustrating jobs is managing printing services in computer labs. With our managed print solutions, we remove the hassle by remotely monitoring your lab printers and providing supplies and support when needed.

Pay Per Use Solutions
Public locations like libraries, student centers and dormitories often provide copying services on a pay-per-use basis. We can also help you deploy pay-per-use printing solutions for your students, allowing you to generate more revenue.

Cost Control Solutions
We help you control your costs by monitoring your print and copy usage. We can also deploy technology that limits the number of pages per teacher, allowing you to predict and control your printing budget.

To learn how we can help your business, contact us today.